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  1. A/C clicking and draining drive power

    Problems & Issues
    The A/C in y 2005 Element started blowing warm (again), so I had the system recharged. Since this work was done it has been clicking when on, and now two weeks later is blowing (mostly) warm again and seems to draw power from the driving when accelerating or coasting. I also hear a whir...
  2. Heater/AC Blower Won't Turn On

    Problems & Issues
    Got in my vehicle today, started the vehicle, and turned on the blower but nothing happened. I fiddled with the settings a bit and all lights worked (Max A/C) and stuff, but zero airflow. I left the air on and about 10 seconds later it starts blowing all on its own. I was able to replicate one...
  3. Cold A/C only at High RPMs

    Problems & Issues
    I was sitting in motionless traffic for an hour today, and my A/C was useless. It dropped the ambient air temp by about 5 degrees, although the compressor was still putting a load on the engine. I just shut it off because of this. After getting on the highway, I decided to try the A/C again, and...
  4. A/C stopped working, exhausted all DIY possibilities

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello fellow element owners, first post here, hope someone is able to help me out with this. I've scoured the Googlenet for an easy solution, but I'm afraid i'll have to take it into a shop at this point. I was cleaning out my element all over and when I had finished, I noticed the A/C light...
  5. Foam Blowing Out of Vents

    Problems & Issues
    I have some sort of dry rotted grey foam blowing out of my AC Vents. I know it is some sort of seal that probably dried out. My vehicle is a 2008 EX with about 113k on it. AC is cold, runs well. Is this something I need or should be taking apart and resealing? I live in Florida and I have no...
  6. A/C Puzzle

    Maintenance and Service
    When it gets to 100-105 degrees, I find that my 2005 Element's A/C only works when I turn it about 4 clicks -- and even then, while putting out cool air, it only just barely helps cool the interior. If I turn it up beyond that, the compressor clutch engages and disengages quite a bit, with hot...
  7. A/C compressor clutch disengages when hot outside

    Problems & Issues
    I see lots of threads but it seems everyone has a slightly different problem. In the morning, before it's too hot outside, my AC works fine. Freon pressure is good. Later in the day as I drive, the AC will go out. If I look under the hood, the clutch on the compressor is still. If it cools off...
  8. A/C issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hello I'm a new member here, but have used many threads here before to help me with my element. I'm hoping to get some insight on my A/C issue. Let me start with I hear this little noise under the dash every now and again. Not every time I drive, but often. From what I understand the noise...
  9. Top vent blow air while on feet only?

    So when I turn my climate control to blow on just my feet, my driver side far left (the round one) still blows air. The middle vents and passenger close like normal. Anyone know where the valve for that specific vent is? I feel like it is just stuck or not getting proper electrical signal. Any...
  10. Honda Element 2003 A/C Issues

    Problems & Issues
    I was driving around one day with the A/C on max but I noticed it was steadily getting warmer and finally it was just blowing out hot air on max A/C I have no idea what is causing this, I've recharged my system i'm made sure the heater shut off valve was working properly, yet it still blows out...
  11. Defrost Vents Below Windshield Don't Blow Air

    Problems & Issues
    The vents that run across the bottom of the windshield don't blow any air at any temperature no matter what setting I have my A/C on. Had to drive home from a ski resort last night with the windows down just to see out the front windshield. Any ideas? As simple as a fuse? All other vents and...
  12. 03 A/C CONTROL PANEL NO POWER- backwards jump start- ASAP!!

    Problems & Issues
    Hello. I've been trolling for a while and I've searched and can't find anything on this so I finally joined to ask. So the other day I was in a rush and had a minor brain lapse and tried to jump off my e and hooked the cables up backwards.... They were connected for 5 or 10 seconds before I...
  13. how do I find a Bypass Pulley (A/C) 2003 Element

    Problems & Issues
    how do I find a Bypass Pulley (A/C) 2003 Element or can I use a shortened S-Belt?
  14. I'm in A/C H$LL

    Problems & Issues
    I seriously don't know what to do anymore. This is what we've been dealing with the past month. Honda Element EX 2003 2WD/automatic making horrible squeal noise constantly. Sounds like a belt or something like that. Saturday, June 19th – Take in to car repair place. Look it over, not sure what...
  15. A/C on always?

    Problems & Issues
    This is my first thread, and I couldn't find anyone else talking about this. While driving with the temp on cold, and the blower on full blast, the car blows out very cold air while its 80 degrees while the A/C light is off. When I push the A/C button the 80 gets a little colder, but not much...
  16. A/C Vents

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find replacement A/C Vents. My middle panel vent broke. I have been unable to find one is salvage yards locally. I searched the web and the Honda Parts Catalogue but cannot find the center vents. I don't need the entire panel, just the vents which...
  17. no A/C, Air bag light on

    Ask The Dealer
    Hi Guys I bought a 2004 element with 112000 mil. on it. but once I bought it I found out there is no A/C in this model. Is there is any way I can put A/C in this car.Please help me with because, it is too hot in summer where i live. Also, I took the seats out to clean the inside, but once I...
  18. Intermittent blower fan problem

    Problems & Issues
    2005 E My blower fan works intermittently-anyone with this issue? likely a grounding issue?
  19. HVAC control bulb replacement / changing color / converting to LED

    Maintenance and Service
    Just curious if anyone else's 1st knob for controlling the strength of the vents light has gone out? If so, is this an easy fix it yourself? The actual AC Knob and Defrost Knob lights up fine.