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  1. 'E'ccessories
    Does or has any company ever made a hard shell roof extension for the element?
  2. Trading Post
    Hey Nerds, I just got my first ’05 Element 2 months ago. I have a little sticker side hustle, so naturally I whipped up some E stickers right away! I love how they came out. You can get ‘em here. They are a matte vinyl material that is waterproof. About 3.5" wide by 2" tall. I currently...
  3. Trading Post
    Looking for options. Would like to carry 2 kayaks. I am located in North/Central Florida. Thanks!
  4. Greetings & Introductions
    Welcoming myself to the club! Just got my first Adventure Box, a 2007 EX Hey All! After having my first, and only, car stolen after owning it for 17 years (it's a sad sad story I can post a link if you wanna know more), I had no idea what to get. After much thinking, debate, and spreadsheets...
  5. 'E'ccessories
    My wife and I are helping a young lady get her first car - and she fell in love with an Element. She loves the outdoors - and we were trying to accessorize the car for her. Does anyone know where I can get the table leg kit - or does anyone have the table leg kit that they would consider...
  6. Truth About Cats, Dogs and The E
    I looked high and low, through Amazon and Ebay and beyond... and I found it!! $300 / :-o They have 1 left, has everything but the pieces you send a card to Honda for. Shipping from New York cost me $145, but for $445 I could piece it out for a...
  7. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    other than the rack itself and rope or straps, what else do i need to safely carry a canoe on my '06 E? i'd appreciate any input.
  8. Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I have a 2005 EX and the center caps were missing when I bought it. I would like to buy some replacements but the dealer says that he needs to know the parts number from the backside of the cap itself. Can anyone help me with where I might be able to find the correct information?
  9. Image Gallery
    I love my transforming Hillbilly Hummer! Just one more reason for me to really appreciate my girl, Ellie............MY TENT! FINALLY GOT TO SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! After a looooong wait. (Over a year!!) :grin:
  10. SoCal Owners
    Considering buying the Complete Deluxe carpet set from South Coast Accessories. I'm in the Eagle Rock/Glendale area and would love to check out these mats in someone's Element. Anyone near who wouldn't mind showing them to me before I order them? I'm interested in the Deluxe set for front and...
  11. Trading Post
    Traded in the E for a '10 Pilot back in March and I still have these in the garage. These were in / on the car for about 35K miles. Sorry for the bad pictures from my phone :), but they're attached. All Season Floor Mats - Water spots are visible due to multiple washes, these were watered...
  12. 'E'ccessories
    i'm thinking about getting the driver's side armrest, but i wanted to get opinions about how convenient it is. the extra storage and the larger room for my arm is a plus, but does it make it harder to reach cups in the cup holder? whenever i'm i need to get my wallet out at a drive-thru, i'm...
1-12 of 17 Results