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  1. List of all accessory wires

    For various projects I need a list of all accessory wires I can tap into. I've used the one for the stereo, but I don't want to use the same wire for every project. Please tell me which wires, colors, and location. I've looked everywhere on here and people never actually give an answer. Thanks!
  2. Trailer Hitch Wire Harness Recall Problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all! It's been a while since I've been on here, but I've still got my E and it's running strong! My question today is about the Accessory Trailer Hitch Wire Harness Recall. I took my E to a dealer and had them do the recall, but they said they couldn't properly do it because there was no...
  3. Which fuses power off with the car?

    I'm planning to add an extra outlet to my E, and I am planning to put it (with an add-a-fuse) to one of the unused spots in the fusebox, as I am planning to attach a triple outlet, and i don't think wiring it in with the rear outlet would be good (4 outlets on one fuse...). My question is, how...