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  1. OEM Keyless entry - trouble programming

    Problems & Issues
    So I bought the OEM Keyless entry for my 2003 element from Handa. The one that comes with the transmitter etc. I installed it per instructions. I tried to program it per instructions and I can get into programming mode (where you hear the door initially lock) and then it seems like both of my...
  2. passenger door lock issues

    Last week my passenger door lock stopped working. I took it in and the dealer said that the actuator was bad and replaced it. I picked it up and it worked just fine for a day. The next morning it was not working again, I called the dealer and set up an appointment, then a couple days later it...
  3. Power door lock not functioning: causes and fixes

    Maintenance and Service
    The lock/unlock button and keyless entry works on all of the doors except the drivers on my 2004 EX. The driver side lock still works manually though. Using the forums, I tracked it down to the driver’s side power door lock actuator (part #72155-S5P-A11) : However, there was no complete...