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  1. Buying an element today. Feedback please

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi. I'm Jay. I have a 3 year old son. I test drove a 2003 Element yesterday and i enjoyed it. Manual. I go camping often and will take my son more and more. The space is great and if my work truck is ever in the shop the element can handle ladders, tools and materials. Kayaking, canoeing...
  2. Let's Get This Party Started

    Under The Hood / Performance
    So this is my baby. Her name is Ruby, and she's a 08' Element SC with 72,000 miles on her, and a 5A/T transmission. Always thought it was a 4 speed on the A/T but Honda says it's a 5. I have had plans for a while to upgrade the performance and such. I already installed Enkei EKM3...
  3. New "used" honda element wana-be.

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi, I am looking to be a new "USED ELEMENT OWNER". All i have ever owned and driven are Toyota RAV 4s. I got into an accident in July (Thank God nobody was injured) but my lovely baby was a total loss. I have always loved Honda Elements - i just find them to be different and i have always...
  4. Codes & Advice: Catalytic Converter, Exhaust, Valves

    Maintenance and Service
    My 2006 Element has about 220,000 miles on it, still getting between 20-23 mpg and the engine itself is as strong as ever. However just got home from a tour around Texas and my check engine light has come on. Codes P0420: Catalyst Efficiency below Threshold (Bank1) - I believe there is a...
  5. Need Advice for Buying

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    So, I am new to the forum. I have read the basic posts, but I'd like to have a thread where I can ask specific questions about my experience. I am currently looking for an Element, but have had bad experience with buying cars and want to be positively sure I know what I am getting for my money...
  6. Camping Grammie

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I have a TINY camper: Really tiny. My Ford Ranger has become unreliable and the bux for repair are eating me up. I have decided to sell the 01 Ranger. I really like the versatility of the E. But I am a girl...
  7. What would you buy?

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I'm moving from Oregon to Connecticut this month, and I've decided to buy an Element (there is no way that I can fit what I need in a Kia Soul!). Would you pay more for low mileage (29k) on a 2010 EX? Or would you save $7k and purchase a 2008 EX with 88k miles since I'm going to drive it 3,000...
  8. About to drive from NY to Seattle. Need fuel economy advice!

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    So yes, as the title of my post states - I am about to be making a drive from NY to Seattle, Washington in a couple of days. I will also be making a return drive as well. What can I do to improve fuel economy so I don't break the bank making a ton of gas station stops... T____T Mods...
  9. CB Radio Ideas?

    Mobile Electronics
    Looking into buying and installing a CB radio for my 08' Element. Does anybody have any advice in brands, installation, etc?
  10. My Mod's so far...looking for feedback/advice...

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    So far LED's i the interior, Hurculiner going on the cladding- new Driving lights-starting the research for tires and wheels...any input from you good people? Thank you for your time. -The Loch Box-
  11. tuning the e?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    i'm looking into getting an element, and like any good modifier would do, i'm seeking solutions prior to purchase. i'll probably go with a custom intake/header/cat/exhaust from lht performance, but how the helk would i tune? aem/apexi/greddy? any help would be greatly appreciated =) regards...
  12. Prospective E buyer... need advice!

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hey EOC! Been wanting an E for quite some time now, and have spent considerable time lurking around these forums. So I am wanting to buy local, and have narrowed it down to two potential Elements. First is an AWD '03 EX, NBP, 109,000 miles going for $10,800 (says $10,995 on the link below but...
  13. Need help in making up my mind

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi I am looking to buy a Honda Element. I was hoping feedback from experienced users could help me make up my mind. First a little bit about my requirements. I am not going to be carrying very big loads There may be the occasional loads while moving, or buying a new couch, bed etc., but I...