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  1. Mobile Electronics
    I see a lot of 7in head units and there are some people here who have installed a 10in display. Has anyone found a size in between (maybe 8in or 9in?) that fills the dash without blocking any of the HVAC controls or the vents? My wish list is as follows: Large screen that fills the dash...
  2. Problems & Issues
    I recently put in a new head unit in my 2006 Element EX, all was fine and bumping, until my battery died and then all sound was gone. I've read through threads for the past HOURS, and still haven't seen this issue for anyone. I think the problem is that the stereo is connected in through the old...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Hello, I’m looking for some help with wiring the EX factory backup camera to an aftermarket head unit with an RCA camera input. I know adapters exist but I cannot find one for a 2010 Element. I’m prepared to splice wires but don’t know where to start. Please help! Thank you in advance!
  4. Problems & Issues
    Hi element owners, I have a 2009 Honda element ex w/ the stock 5 speaker sound system. I installed a double din stereo in my E last week and I ran into a problem. My Sound won't work in my element. I connected all the wires correctly and got everything turned on but the only and major problem...
1-4 of 4 Results