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  1. Recommendations for non-OEM strut assemblies

    Problems & Issues
    Have owned my 2003 since 2006. Have just about 300k on it (297k and change). Recently (okay, for a year or more šŸ˜‰) had horrible crunch sounds going over bumps in the road, and my mechanic swapped out the front strut assemblies. That fixed the worst of it, but as I suspected -- and as was more...
  2. upgrading gauge cluster and instrument panel

    Problems & Issues
    greetings....i have 2004 element, horrendous fan noise coming from i figure my mechanic has to pull out entire dash, might as well see if i can update gauges with led/brighter option....same for headlights...........wondering if anyone has found suitable aftermarket kits.....thanks
  3. Need some advice (OEM vs Aftermarket)

    Problems & Issues
    So about two/three weeks ago, my catalytic converter was stolen. Did the standard song and dance (police report, insurance claim, took it to a shop) but my insurance didn't replace the stolen parts with OEM, but aftermarket parts. A day after getting my baby back, my check engine light came on...