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  1. Trading Post
    Unfortunately our 2008 Element that we bought new was declared a total loss by our insurance company after thieves cut off our catalytic convertor and hacked up the entire exhaust system in the process. I personally maintained it for 150k miles using OEM Honda parts and have a few parts that I...
  2. Problems & Issues
    Have owned my 2003 since 2006. Have just about 300k on it (297k and change). Recently (okay, for a year or more ?) had horrible crunch sounds going over bumps in the road, and my mechanic swapped out the front strut assemblies. That fixed the worst of it, but as I suspected -- and as was more...
  3. Problems & Issues
    greetings....i have 2004 element, horrendous fan noise coming from i figure my mechanic has to pull out entire dash, might as well see if i can update gauges with led/brighter option....same for headlights...........wondering if anyone has found suitable aftermarket kits.....thanks
  4. Problems & Issues
    So about two/three weeks ago, my catalytic converter was stolen. Did the standard song and dance (police report, insurance claim, took it to a shop) but my insurance didn't replace the stolen parts with OEM, but aftermarket parts. A day after getting my baby back, my check engine light came on...
1-4 of 4 Results