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air conditioner


    Problems & Issues
    Driving down the interstate and I did not have the heat or air on, and it just turned on and won't stop blowing. It is blowing air from outside, so hot, but when I turn the cold on, nothing. What the heck happened?
  2. Fan replacement tips: Condenser & Radiator

    Maintenance and Service
    AC working sporadically? Engine coolant temps climbing unusually fast? Check to see if your electric fans are operating when your E is running. I am not sure when each fan should be running, but my 2010 E fans both run when the engine is running and the AC is on. Condenser fan is on passenger...
  3. Heater/AC Blower Won't Turn On

    Problems & Issues
    Got in my vehicle today, started the vehicle, and turned on the blower but nothing happened. I fiddled with the settings a bit and all lights worked (Max A/C) and stuff, but zero airflow. I left the air on and about 10 seconds later it starts blowing all on its own. I was able to replicate one...
  4. Newb in need of help! A.C. hit/miss, engine running hot!

    Problems & Issues
    Hey everyone, I'm not a typical car guy, so I apologize if I don't have the right language for my issues, but I'll try my best to describe what's up and answer any questions. Thanks in advance for any help, I'm at the end of my rope with this. 2007 Element SC, <127k miles. A few months...
  5. AC Clutch Intermittent - Then Stopped..New Coil or Full compressor?

    Problems & Issues
    2004 E with 145K. So My AC stopped engaging. It now only blows warm air. All lights and relays are good. One day it was working fine, then the compressor disengaged and wouldn't engage again. The next day it engaged for 20 min blew ice cold, then disengaged and wouldn't engage again...
  6. Immobilizer problem?

    Problems & Issues
    I apparently have the same issue with the dash/cluster/immobilizer/AC as many other people here. However, no one has (for years) posted a solution, and this girl is reaching her limits! I can deal with a lot of things, but summer is approaching, and my baby boy needs AC... much less us...
  7. AC Blows Literally Screw service

    Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    So a year ago my ac stopped working on my 2003 .My dumb Ex didnt have a clue on how to recharge it if he would have waited i could have done it .But he takes it to the dealership and gets it serviced They charged a rediculas amount to just recharge it so it starts working about just a month...
  8. A/C Complaint 2005 Element

    Maintenance and Service
    Over a five year period I spent in excess of $600 to find a problem that will now cost over $800 to repair. The problem could have existed in the Honda vehicle when I purchased the vehicle new in 2005. Honda was very responsive to my correspondence but was just as quick to deny any...
  9. Intermittent air conditioner problem

    Problems & Issues
    Started my E yesterday and after a few minutes noticed that air from vents was still warm even though the a/c switch was on (illuminated). Turned all the HVAC knobs and pressed all the switches hoping to reset something, but nothing helped: warm air for the entire 30 minute drive home. Also...
  10. A/C Vents

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find replacement A/C Vents. My middle panel vent broke. I have been unable to find one is salvage yards locally. I searched the web and the Honda Parts Catalogue but cannot find the center vents. I don't need the entire panel, just the vents which...