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  1. SRS/Airbag Light & 15-3 Fault Code

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there! Back in December 2014, I took my Element in for the airbag recall, and they took care of it (this covered all of the recall notices to date). In early 2016, the SRS/Airbag light went off. The dealer said it didn't have anything to do with the recall. The dealer's diagnosis showed...
  2. Clunk Noise RR Tire Area Going Over a Big Bump

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone, I'm new here, and super pumped about my new 06 Element EX FWD. I had the Right Lower Trailing Arm replaced and now when I go over a bump or pot hole that is anything bigger than a sewer grate I hear a clunk noise. It's only when driving over bigger stuff and coming from the right...
  3. FS: Monroe Sensa-Tracs, seat brackets, subwoofer, steering wheel, stereo -SoCal

    Trading Post
    Hi Element owners: -I have 4 Monroe Sensa-trac struts brand new with lifetime warranty from O'Reilly Auto Parts for $250.00, if they ever go bad you can take them back and they will replace them no questions asked. -2 racing seat brackets (drivers & passengers side) for $100.00 -Front bottom...
  4. Airbag SRS 7-2 help

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, Brought my 04 to the dealer since my airbag light came on for no reason several months ago. They immediately noticed my battery was getting low, and got a diagnostic code 7-2 which they say is an SRS unit failure. They told me it could be caused by the bad battery. Well I did replace...
  5. Driver's side seatbelt receiver replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello, Friends! 2003 Element. When my airbag light came on, the dealer checked things out and "cleaned" the seatbelt receiver mechanism, saying that if the light came back on, the seatbelt receiver must be replaced (part # 0481C-SCV-A02ZA). Well, of course it came back in a couple of weeks...
  6. Front seat cover / upholstery : Honda and aftermarket, plus side-airbag compatibility

    Hi all, With the durability of the seats, has anyone gotten the optional seat covers, and if you did, why? My wife and I are thinking about them, but we don't know if they are worth it.