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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone I am going to install a 5ch amp I am looking for ideas of where to put it. I have only Had my E for a day now and do not want to lose any of my cargo space and put it under the back seats. the amp is not large but not supper small as of now I am thinking about putting it on the...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Good morning ALL! So here's my thing. I'm replacing the subwoofer in my 2004 EX and just can't decide on a location for the amp. The amp is an infinity 1300a 300 watt mono block. The dimesions are (LxWxH) 14-3/16" x 9" x 2-11/16". Now, I don't want to compromise any storage space / or area...
1-2 of 2 Results