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amp problem

  1. Radio / amp problem

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    I recently purchased an 06 Element . The radio seems function,search stations etc. but no sound from the speakers , could it be the amp or a fuse ??
  2. Factory amp draining battery

    Problems & Issues
    2005 model It seems the factory amp is draining my battery, Its all original, no extra anything, unplug the amp, problem goes away. Id really like to be able to listen to the sub, is there a way I can rewire something so that the amp doesn't draw anything with the key off?
  3. no sound, dumb radio

    Problems & Issues
    in my 2003E AWD EX all of a sudden the radio does not work anymore, that is: the radio/CD/aux works fine according to the display, but no sound whatsoever is coming out of my 7 speakers. First guess of course is the amplifier - I changed the fuse #7 (20A) in the under-dash fusebox, but that did...