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  1. Amp Location

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone I am going to install a 5ch amp I am looking for ideas of where to put it. I have only Had my E for a day now and do not want to lose any of my cargo space and put it under the back seats. the amp is not large but not supper small as of now I am thinking about putting it on the...
  2. Can the stock speaker wiring handle 75w RMS per channel?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, after about of year of lurking this forum I've gone ahead and bought all of the stuff for my audio upgrade. I will have a 4 Channel Rockford Fosgate amplifier that is powering 2 sets of JBL GX600c component speakers. The amp outputs 75w RMS to each channel at 2 ohms. I am curious if...
  3. Looking to upgrade my sound system?

    So I was planning on replacing my tweeters and sub in my Element and I just had a few questions. My plan was to take out the stock 6 inch sub and replace it with a 8 inch sub. From my understanding, you can modify the sub housing to fit an 8. Is this true? Does anyone know the stock subwoofer...
  4. What is the largest/most powerful subs and amp that can be placed in the E?

    Mobile Electronics
    What is the largest/most powerful subs and amp that can be placed in the E without damaging the battery or alternator?
  5. aftermarket amplifier and alternator problems.

    Problems & Issues
    A Honda certified mechanic just replaced my alternator and told me I should get a new battery. A few weeks prior, I was listening to my aftermarket stereo and killed my battery, jumpstarted it, and got it home. a week or so after that, my car wouldn't start. I jumped it off another battery and...
  6. Newb DX radio upgrade woes

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi guys, I've casually lurked EOC for a couple of years now but am just now signing up because I could use some help. I come from the honda cars so I'm familiar with the older design trends and such. History: My mother, purchased an 06 DX a few years ago and has had nothing but trouble with her...
  7. Problem: Stereo Cutting Out

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, I just recently bought an 03 Element off of a good buddy of mine and we're trying to figure out why the stereo will intermittently cut out. Off the highway it will come on and off and eventually I will lose all sound until I turn off the car for some time. On the highway the radio...
  8. I need help/advice

    Mobile Electronics
    Good morning ALL! So here's my thing. I'm replacing the subwoofer in my 2004 EX and just can't decide on a location for the amp. The amp is an infinity 1300a 300 watt mono block. The dimesions are (LxWxH) 14-3/16" x 9" x 2-11/16". Now, I don't want to compromise any storage space / or area...
  9. How to Wire Aftermarket Radio to Factory Amp

    Mobile Electronics
    This diagram is ONLY for the SC, EX, and EX-P with the factory double-DIN radio, amplifier, and subwoofer. This is NOT for the DX or LX. The first picture shows how the radio is basically wired from Honda. The radio puts out a line-level(low-level) signal to the amplifier thru the big black...
  10. Element Audio System Integration Wiring Diagram

    Mobile Electronics
    [Moderator's note: Emass's website is now a 404, so the images linked in this post and other below are gone. 10/26/2017] This is a work in progress but I believe it is accurate. If I've mis-labeled something or left something out - please let me know. This diagram is a work in progress not a...