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  1. Trading Post
    great shape 2003 Honda Element Antenna $5 plus shipping in usps small flat rate box from LA Sold as is / no returns
  2. Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2006 EX-P with Sirius/XM, which I primarily listen too. I want to add (somehow) bluetooth and a backup cam with satellite. Suggestions? If I change out the head unit, is there a way to use the existing antenna with the new HU?
  3. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Bought the E, brought it home, and it barely fit in the garage - had to hold the antenna bent down to get it inside. :| Just the antenna is too tall for my garage. I can drive it in, but can't back it out unless somebody stands there holding the antenna bent down. Antenna needs to be...
  4. Problems & Issues
    Hi, new member here. 2003 EX with 82k miles. Bought used from dealer. AM radio sometimes fades and has static. Roof antenna is screwed in tight. By jiggling antenna base at roofline I can get AM to come back so I assume problem is a bad connection beneath the base. Anyone know how to access the...
  5. Exterior
    So I got a Gobi roof rack about a year ago and I love it. The only problem is that my XM reception has been much poorer since then. Since the XM antenna is the base and not the mast, does anyone have any idea what I can do to improve reception? Most of the threads here refer to replacing...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    I have a cb radio in my E and had a question. I currently use it in conjunction with a PA system horn so I can talk to people over my loud speaker...pretty much just for fun. I was considering adding an antenna so I can actually use the cb radio portion. Question 1: Is it worth it considering...
  7. Problems & Issues
    I feel stupid asking this silly question. I hit the garage door with the rubber antenna and fell off. The base is OK I tried to reinstall the antenna but I found that there's only a little metal stub with no threat and on the base there is a metal thing with threads. I wonder if that metal...
  8. Problems & Issues
    My wife's 2008 E just started having radio issues. While all other stations work fine, her XM comes in and out, mostly out. She's called XM and everything is working from their end. She can get a few seconds of XM and then it goes dead for several seconds. I've pulled the radio and...
  9. Problems & Issues
    Backing out of the garage I clipped the garage door and snapped the antenna off. The dealer wants about $500+ to repair and didn't seem interested in the job. The base is intact however it is pulled up a little from the roof and I'm concerned about water damage. Any advice? Ideas? Helpful hints...
  10. Mobile Electronics
    I said CB antenna so people would know I didn't mean the car radio. But I really mean an Amateur Radio. My call is W9OL, near Chicago. I'm thinking of mounting the radio in the bottom of the dash center. By taking out bottom piece, removing the cubby and placing the radio in that void. It's not...
  11. Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2008 Element EX and I want to connect my XM Inno (portable XM unit) to my factory installed XM anntenna. I don't want all that after market antenna junk on my dash. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Mobile Electronics
    Has anyone attempted to mount a permanent cb antenna on the right fender of the E? I was thinking of installing it there so it looks like a typical am/fm radio antenna.
  13. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    CB antennas have to be mounted on a metal surface in order to work properly. I want to mount one, but I'm having a hard time deciding on a location. I don't want to go the magnet mount route. BTDT and it just messes up your paint job. What I'm looking for is a good, fairly level metal surface...
  14. Exterior
    Hello all, Has anyone here mounted a C.B. Antenna on thier E? I want to put my radio in but I really dont want to use a magnetic mount on the roof and I would like to keep it at the rear of the E. Thanks all. Be Safe, Dave
  15. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know? I found a guy who makes an adapter for the stock XM antenna which makes it work with Sirius tuners. PLEASE DON'T BASH MY THREAD AND TELL ME IT DOESN'T WORK! This guy is a member of a stereo webboard and has had 100% success changing GM antennas. I've agreed to be a ginuea...
  16. Mobile Electronics
    I generally have a problem with things being left out in the open, especially where there is space to hide such items. Case in point: my TomTom GO and Sirius satellite antennas. While they are not overly obtrusive, I still wasn't happy about seeing them on my roof. I originally had them both...
  17. Mobile Electronics
    I just recently installed a CB Radio in my E, specifically for the PA horn to cause some Mischief with my friends...but anyways I was wondering if anyone else has a CB installed? I wanted to know how you ran your antenna wire. I am looking at getting one of the magnetic mount ones so as not to...
  18. Mobile Electronics
    Has anyone tried a glass mounted ham antenna? I understand that some newer automobiles have "passivated glass" which does not permit on-glass antennas to work...what is "passivated glass" ?? does the Element have such glass??? Thanks in advance. :?: :?
1-18 of 19 Results