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arm rest

  1. Interior
    Hi - sadly had to replace my 2004 EX with a 2010 LX today. (I am assuming the old one was an EX). I am missing the extra interior features but will get used to it. I am wondering, though, what is supposed to be between the front seats in the LX? There are the two cup holders and then an empty...
  2. Interior
    Help: I just bought a 05 Element. No arm rests driver or passenger. Green interior, replacement for drivers side $1266. Does anyone know where i can purchase a replacement for reasonable cost?
  3. Trading Post
    looking for a drivers side storage arm rest for 2004. also a bug/air deflector for the same year... please PM me. thanks, trey
  4. Under The Hood / Performance
    Well, I finally had my new Injen exhaust installed on my '08 TRP! Sounds real sweet! And the guy at the muffler shop only charged me $32 bucks! Took him all of 30 minutes to install. My E is a 4WD and the exhaust was a straight forward bolt in unit. Will be interested in seeing if this does...