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  1. What is supposed to be between front seats 2010 LX?

    Hi - sadly had to replace my 2004 EX with a 2010 LX today. (I am assuming the old one was an EX). I am missing the extra interior features but will get used to it. I am wondering, though, what is supposed to be between the front seats in the LX? There are the two cup holders and then an empty...
  2. Arm rest for 05 Element driver side

    Help: I just bought a 05 Element. No arm rests driver or passenger. Green interior, replacement for drivers side $1266. Does anyone know where i can purchase a replacement for reasonable cost?
  3. WTB: Storage Arm Rest

    Trading Post
    looking for a drivers side storage arm rest for 2004. also a bug/air deflector for the same year... please PM me. thanks, trey
  4. New Injen Exhaust

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Well, I finally had my new Injen exhaust installed on my '08 TRP! Sounds real sweet! And the guy at the muffler shop only charged me $32 bucks! Took him all of 30 minutes to install. My E is a 4WD and the exhaust was a straight forward bolt in unit. Will be interested in seeing if this does...