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  1. Trading Post I installed the wider armrest with storage, and now have the original one laying around. Surf blue (from my 2006 EX), and in really good condition. Padding is still firm, no rips or stains that I can see. Comes with...
  2. Interior
    New E owner (2008 LX) and new to EOC. Be kind. I have researched for hours the armrest/center console issue and see many solutions which are expensive and require a moderate degree of technical skill. I love the SC replacement idea but it's too much money and too many parts for me - IF - I...
  3. Interior
    In looking at the H & A web site they list a Storage Armrest about half way down the page: However they specify that it is for 2009-2011 LX only. Does anyone know what it is about the 2010 EX that would make the armrest unuseable? Thanks, Bill
  4. Interior
    Ok, this is nuts I went to majestic Honda to buy a couple armrests, and look at how much just one costs not including any hardware, almost 200$. I haven't done any mods yet being working close to full time and going to college but I have always been a leaner when I drive. So is this a real price...
  5. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I recently bought a 2005 Element with the skinny factory armrests installed. However, in the back, there was a Honda "ARMREST WITH STORAGE COMPARTMENT P/N 08U89-SCV-180". I thought myself lucky. However, I went out to install it and found that I'm missing the base piece. I've seen this problem...
  6. Interior
    Good Afternoon! I've been reading this forum for years, but this is the first time I've made a post. I just purchased my second Element, an 07 EX. Recently the drivers side armrest / deluxe storage compartment on my E broke off entirely from the seat. After some investigation I discovered...
  7. Trading Post
    looking for a drivers side storage arm rest for 2004. also a bug/air deflector for the same year... please PM me. thanks, trey
  8. 'E'ccessories
    i'm thinking about getting the driver's side armrest, but i wanted to get opinions about how convenient it is. the extra storage and the larger room for my arm is a plus, but does it make it harder to reach cups in the cup holder? whenever i'm i need to get my wallet out at a drive-thru, i'm...
  9. Interior
    I have a 2005 LX and am wanting to install an armrest. All the instructions say to unzip the seat cover to access the mounting bracket. I have been unable find a zipper (after looking many, many times). Do the 2005 LX's (that don't come with any armrest) still have a zipper on the seats.
  10. Trading Post
    I just bought a driver's armrest/storage compartment off Ebay and have the original driver's armrest. Anyone interested in it? My E is an '08 EX 4WD in TRP. The armrest is black. I have all of the hardware. Let me know. Email address is [email protected]