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  1. 2007 SC Replacing AUX Input in Console

    Has any one had experience replacing the aux input in the console of a 2007 SC. Will I have to remove the entire console?
  2. Replacing an OEM subwoofer with another OEM subwoofer

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi E-owners Club, Was reffered here from the Element subreddit on Reddit. My stock subwoofer on my 2003 Element EX blown after a good thirteen years. I recently bought an OEM subwoofer from eBay that fits the EX. I assume it should work, but wanna ask first. If not, I'll do all the return...
  3. Can the stock speaker wiring handle 75w RMS per channel?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, after about of year of lurking this forum I've gone ahead and bought all of the stuff for my audio upgrade. I will have a 4 Channel Rockford Fosgate amplifier that is powering 2 sets of JBL GX600c component speakers. The amp outputs 75w RMS to each channel at 2 ohms. I am curious if...
  4. Where are the factory steering volume controls located on the harness

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2008 Element EX with the seven speaker package. I have successfully installed (using the metra harness) a new Android head unit that powers all 7 speakers. Great! I'm struggling to work out how to wire up the factory steering wheel controls. My head unit has two wires for resistance...
  5. 2011 Element Stereo Upgrade for $500-$1000

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello Owners, I own a 2011 EX that I use for commuting and camping. I have an affinity for both loud, bass-heavy electronic music, as well as many other genres requiring less punch. I also watch movies on my laptop when car/bike camping and hook the audio to the aux input. My knowledge of...
  6. Stealthbox Subwoofer for Sale - rare rare rare

    Trading Post
    FS: Stealthbox Subwoofer for Sale - rare rare rare For Sale is my JL Audio Stealthbox for Honda Element. This is the PREMIER SOLUTION for subwoofers in the Element. I've had this installed in my 2003 Element. The sub is the JL 10W3v2 housed in an incredibly stout down firing fiberglass box...
  7. New Speakers

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I'm looking into replacing the stock speakers in my Ele and I was curious what I should use? Should I get coaxials all around or do compliment for the front and coaxial for the back two. Also what is a good brand to use? And what type and size? Would it be best to have it professionally...
  8. Looking to upgrade my sound system?

    So I was planning on replacing my tweeters and sub in my Element and I just had a few questions. My plan was to take out the stock 6 inch sub and replace it with a 8 inch sub. From my understanding, you can modify the sub housing to fit an 8. Is this true? Does anyone know the stock subwoofer...
  9. Head Unit and Speaker compatibility

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently acquired a new Head Unit: I noticed the manual says not to use any speaker impedance between 1 and 3 ohm. My center-console sub is as follows: Brand: Kicker Type: Non-Enclosed Subwoofer RMS Power: 150W Voice Coil...
  10. Radios compatible with steering wheel controls

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm considering upgrading my radio, but I'm concerned about the possible issues of compatibility overall. First, I love my steering wheel controls, and I'm not sure how to find radios compatible with them. Also, I really want a unit that allows an external aux input, so the built in input could...
  11. Audio Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Element owners, I recently had to have my 2007 SC jumped because the battery was shot (I still had the original after 5 years so it was about time to get a new one) but after I had the car jump started the audio displayed and error and stopped working. I tried various codes to try and start...
  12. Perfecting sound quality with stock equipment

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone! This is my first post on the EOC! This community is awesome. Anyhow my question is if there is a way to "tune" or EQ the sound system that ships with the car (in my case, an 07 EX). I know there are controls for Treble, Bass, and Sub, but I was wondering what the optimal...
  13. Ground loop fault in aux jack/12v charger?

    Problems & Issues
    2005 Honda Element LX AWD with rear sunroof: I've had this problem ever since I purchased this otherwise stellar vehicle. Any source plugged into the 3.5mm aux jack and the 12v charger will display static, interference, and pronounced alternator whine. This is not the same issue as the reduced...
  14. Subwoofer that doesnt take up tons of space?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi im looking for a sub that doesnt get in the way of moving my seats around or taking up my cargo space. Anyone know of one like this?
  15. Subwoofer - Recommendations

    Mobile Electronics
    Here's my sob (sub) story: I purchased a Sony head deck MEX-BT2700 and Pioneer Premier TS-A502C component front/tweets and Pioneer Premier rear speakers. The sound is good (not great) and I'm looking for a subwoofer option that doesn't require a big ugly carpeted box in the back or shake the...
  16. AUX input stopped working, dim dislay, can't switch to aux mode

    Problems & Issues
    My aux input seems to have stopped working. Yesterday I plugged a new ipod into the aux jack and the stereo automatically switched to aux mode and started playing music no problem. Today when I insert the cable into the jack the display dims and nothing else happens. It doesn't make any...
  17. Complete OEM Audio Schematic for EX and SC (amplified)

    Mobile Electronics
    I got a tech manual a few days ago and thought this would be useful information to post. I tried scanning the page but it was hard to read so I decided to make up my own using the manual as a guide. I hope it's not too confusing. ;-)