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automatic transmission

  1. Trading Post
    I am looking to buy a E 2005/2006 Rallye Red. I am obssesed about this E in particular. If anyone knows where to find one in good conditions let me know through here. thanks! PS: has to be AWD and an automatic!
  2. Under The Hood / Performance
    Two words. Paddle shifters. I have a 2008 SC, with the Automatic transmission. (Ew.) How hard would it be, what would be needed, and how would it even be done? I understand you'd have to reconfigure the ECU somehow.
  3. Maintenance and Service
    Somewhere at the end of a drain & fill x3, I added too much ATF. The forum suggested using a turkey baster to remove some. That sounded better than trying to dribble ATF from the drain plug. With my luck, the dribble would turn into a flood and I'd be lying in a pool of ATF. So that left the...