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  1. WTB/WANTED: EX Automatic AWD in Washington, DC Area (DC/MD/VA)

    Trading Post
    Hi, I'm looking for an EX automatic AWD 2005 or newer near the Washington, DC area. One owner, service records, clean title. Will travel outside the DC area for the right car.
  2. Torque converter to flexplate bolts need torque spec

    Problems & Issues
    I have a automatic 2005 Honda Element and i cant seem to find the torque specs for the torque converter to flywheel/flex plate anybody know what it is? Would appreciate it greatly!
  3. FS: 2011 Element EX 4WD - Low Miles!

    Trading Post
    Hi All, I'm selling my Tango Red Pearl E with only 64,500 miles for $15,590. I'm the first and only owner. It's an automatic and in great shape, with a clean carfax report. I recently put 4 new tires, as well as front and rear brakes on it. It has ice-cold air and a remote starter and alarm...
  4. FS 2004 Honda Element EX, Black, Automatic, AWD, 140k, New Hampshire

    Trading Post
    FOR SALE in New Hampshre: 2004 Honda Element EX Black, Automatic, AWD, 140k Miles, Alloy Wheels New Inpsection Sticker and Serviced! New: Yokohama Tires, Brakes, Rotors, Calipers, Alternator, Battery, Suspension Parts, Transmission Fluid and Rear Differential Fluids, Oil Change. I have...
  5. '03 Auto Transmission not downshifting

    Problems & Issues
    Hey All, I have 130K on my E and changed the AT fluid for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Before doing so I noticed when climbing a fairly steep hill here in North GA, it would hesitate to downshift from 2nd to 1st gear ... I think:) (Could have been 3rd to 2nd:) Well it happened...
  6. Some pictures of 3rd gear pressure switch replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I had the flashin "D" light so I had it diagnosed by the dealer (autozone cant do trans diag apparently as it came up "no codes")and they said it's the 3rd gear pressure switch. They wanted $318 to replace it and do a fluid change so I'm doing it myself as the diff fluid is due too. Which of...
  7. Converting Auto To Mt

    Under The Hood / Performance
    How much money am i looking at and what do i need to convert my auto E to a 5spd E and then hopefully into 6spd??? :idea:
  8. auto vs manual for the element

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    hey everyone, the element sure has me interested and i was wondering what all your opinions are concerning automatic vs manual transmissions for the element.
  9. AT shift indicator (at shift lever, not on dash): Panel removal and bulb replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    When I am driving, the steering wheel block the view of my guages slightly. I find myself looking over to the shifter to determine the current gear, but the lights on the shifter do not indicate this very well (none of the gear numbers/letters appear brighter or darker where the shifter is...