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  1. Aux Port to USB?

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm considering replacing the original head unit with something that can support ApplePlay —*perhaps the Boss BVCP9675. Since ApplePlay requires a USB connection and the AUX jack will be rendered redundant, my preference would be to replace the existing AUX socket with a flush USB port and run...
  2. Strange AUX input problem??

    Problems & Issues
    Just got a used 2005 EX-AWD. I've found that I can plug my iPod into the AUX jack and it plays fine however when I switch to FM then try to switch back to AUX the button does nothing. The only way to get the iPod to play again is to unplug the connection and plug in again. It seems like the...
  3. Hidden Hardwire Power + Audio

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey There, Hopefully this is an appropriate place to ask this question. I've read a few posts about adding 12v sockets, but this is slightly different. I'm looking to install a permanent phone dock (which has usb power and 3.5mm audio out) then tuck the wires down into the windshield and then...
  4. AUX Input Stopped Working

    Problems & Issues
    Aux port / power port Good day, I have a 2003 EX and recently the AUX port started to not work. I have to move the cable around into awkward positions to get it to transmit sound from my iphone. I've tried different cables and have come to the conclusion that it must be a loose wire or short...