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  1. 2005 Radio/CD/Auxiliary Head Unit Glitching

    Problems & Issues
    So my stock 2005 head unit with Radio, CD, Auxiliary capabilities took a dump on me. One day while using the auxiliary, the unit switched from my auxiliary music to a CD that it was holding. Then the CD plays for a few minutes and switches back to what I had been playing on the auxiliary. I have...
  2. E-Brake Hits The Aux Cable

    Mobile Electronics
    So my 08 SC has a little problem.... when i pull on my e- brake the cover hits the cable inside that goes to the AUX connection... 1. do i need a need a new cable that goes into the aux connection? 2. or do i need a need aux part(39114-SCV-A01ZA)? thanks -beetle
  3. AUX Input Stopped Working

    Problems & Issues
    Aux port / power port Good day, I have a 2003 EX and recently the AUX port started to not work. I have to move the cable around into awkward positions to get it to transmit sound from my iphone. I've tried different cables and have come to the conclusion that it must be a loose wire or short...
  4. Auxiliary jack problem! please help!

    Problems & Issues
    When i plug my MP3 player, or my phone into the auxiliary jack in my 2005 element i hear a loud booming sound in the speakers. Someone told me that this is normal, but ALSO i hear the sound between every song...if i change the song, or if i let it progress naturally to the next song. Does anyone...
  5. AUX input stopped working, dim dislay, can't switch to aux mode

    Problems & Issues
    My aux input seems to have stopped working. Yesterday I plugged a new ipod into the aux jack and the stereo automatically switched to aux mode and started playing music no problem. Today when I insert the cable into the jack the display dims and nothing else happens. It doesn't make any...
  6. 2 Batteries??

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I know there is quite a bit posted about replacing the battery, but I'm wondering if anyone has installed a 2nd battery with an isolator for running electronics? I replaced my battery with an Optima Blue Top 34 series. I did manage to run it down though on a recent Baja Mexico road / camping...