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  1. WTB/WANTED: EX Automatic AWD in Washington, DC Area $5000

    Trading Post
    Hi, I'm looking for an EX automatic AWD near the Washington, DC area. I have about $5000. One owner, service records, clean title.
  2. East Sierra Fall colors

    East Sierra Fall colors

  3. Help Me Element Hunt?

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Apologies for cross-posting. edited to add photo I’m on the hunt for an E, and so I’ve been reading as much as I can find from various online groups. First, I’ll summarize what I’m looking for. Then, I’ll describe an E I’m looking at right now. Thanks in advance for comments, tips, and advice...
  4. Deadman's Pass, OR

    Deadman's Pass, OR

  5. FS: 03 Manual AWD EX 240k miles in CA

    Trading Post
    So hard to part ways with my Element. Original owner, purchased off the lot in 2004. If I knew how to maintain it, I would keep it forever. However, I hope there is someone out there who wants to enjoy it and has the skills that I lack to make it last forever. Currently, it runs great! Starting...
  6. buying an 08-11 element but noticed too many accidents

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    greeting folks. currently have been scouring the web in search of buying an element. regardless of the big four sites i've been on (auto/cars/gurus/forsale) never have i seen of any make/model with a carfax that stated accident as much as the element. seriously the number is mind boggling...
  7. 2005 Honda Element EX 5spd AWD - 133k miles, manual, Battle Toaster! $5,500

    Trading Post
    For sale: 2005 Honda Element EX 5spd AWD - 133k miles, manual, Battle Toaster! $5,500 Selling our 2005 Honda Element. :cry: We have owned this vehicle for 3 years, since 97,000 miles and we don't want to sell but are expecting our second child this winter and decided we need to go with a...
  8. Engine knock followed by VSA, AWD, and Check Engine lights.

    Maintenance and Service
    I was driving today on a well maintained (no potholes or big bumps) road that I drive every day. The Limit is 55, and when i got up to around 40 MPH after accelerating conservatively as usual, when the tranny was about to shift to 4th there was a mild 'pop' and then the VSA light, the AWD...
  9. FS: 2011 Element EX 4WD - Low Miles!

    Trading Post
    Hi All, I'm selling my Tango Red Pearl E with only 64,500 miles for $15,590. I'm the first and only owner. It's an automatic and in great shape, with a clean carfax report. I recently put 4 new tires, as well as front and rear brakes on it. It has ice-cold air and a remote starter and alarm...
  10. FS: low mileage 77k 2006 EXP Element Seattle

    Trading Post
    I was wasting some time, looking at things far away and saw a low mileage Element for sale in Seattle. Looks like it has had some mods, AWD, manual, the "P" means painted quarter panels. Looks like some fancy rims and pretty new tires. to see...
  11. Need some (selling) price advice

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I know the Element is a niche-vehicle, and I'm looking for some advice about how to price mine as I reluctantly put it on the market. I've owned it from the beginning in 2003, and it has been a flawless vehicle. I've kept it in excellent condition with low-ish miles (108K), no body damage, and...
  12. AWD generations

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Not sure where to put this and ask the dealer thread is closed. I wanted to buy an element from a guy who was asking way over bluebook. he said he was charging more because the AWD was gen 2 and that these were harder to find than gen 1. I couldn't find anything about different generations so...
  13. 2007 EX AWD Element

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I am considering the purchase of a 2007 EX AWD Element, but there is one thing that makes me pause. During a test drive, for a brief instant or two, there was a a short series of hesitations. (It felt like driving on a rough road, but the pavement was definitely smooth.) This happened twice...
  14. New Element driver, acceleration question on test drive

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Test drove an 06 Element EX-P AWD with 120k yesterday, it is in good condition overall but the only other V4 I've driven is a 94 Nissan Sentra which feels quick for its size because it's smaller and I imagine lighter. However, the Element's acceleration felt like it was holding back, like it...
  15. FS 2004 Honda Element EX, Black, Automatic, AWD, 140k, New Hampshire

    Trading Post
    FOR SALE in New Hampshre: 2004 Honda Element EX Black, Automatic, AWD, 140k Miles, Alloy Wheels New Inpsection Sticker and Serviced! New: Yokohama Tires, Brakes, Rotors, Calipers, Alternator, Battery, Suspension Parts, Transmission Fluid and Rear Differential Fluids, Oil Change. I have...
  16. FS: Stock 2004 Silver EX AWD MT SD A/B in CA

    Trading Post
    I am located in Los Angeles, California Asking $10,500 I am selling my expertly maintained 2004 Silver EX AWD 5- Speed with Side Air Bags. I am the original owner and have babied the car hoping it would last forever, I am sure it will. I hand wash it with 2 buckets, I park away from cars in...
  17. 5th Tire/wheel rotation.

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hello I have just retreaded my ride with Nokian eNTYRE. I have a full size spare ( not Nokian ). I am considering buying a Nokian 5th tire ( I will get a matching wheel, this time ) and was researching how practical this would be from a usability point of view, how do I include in 5th wheel, in...
  18. 2005 Honda Element EX 4WD, low mileage 58K, excellent condition

    Trading Post
    FS:2005 Honda Element EX 4WD, low mileage 58K, excellent condition Located in San Francisco, CA. "Galapagos green" Honda Element with 4WD with matching interior color, loaded. I am the original owner. Only have 57800 miles. Still covered by HondaCare extended warranty until 9/27/13...
  19. 4WD is not working

    Maintenance and Service
    My wife inherited her Mom's '03 E, AT 4WD model, 60K miles. It seemed last winter like the 4WD was working fine, but we just got our first snow here in the Northlands and the 4WD is clearly not working now. Does anyone have any advice as to the likely culprit? Aside from this and a weak...
  20. fluid seeping from the AT/4wd Transfer Case?

    Maintenance and Service
    I was under the car changing the oil yesterday and noticed there was some oil/fluid seeping out of the 4wd transfer assembly (shown in the diagram linked below). It's not "wet" and actively dripping, but you can tell the fluid has seeped out along the seam in the unit and is covered in grime...