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back seat

  1. Need to install 2-seater back seat, not one!

    I just purchased a used 2008 vehicle that came with one, 1-seat in the back (the other was removed). I have a 115 pound Great Dane and I need to strap her in with a special dog car harness onto a seat that is BIG, i.e TWO SEATS that run together (like the normal back seat of a car). The harness...
  2. Back left seat won't latch properly

    Problems & Issues
    For Info: 2007 EX Sorry if this has been posted, however I searched and can't find anything. My back left seat will not latch properly to the floor. The problem is that the mechanism itself is overextended and does not align properly with the hooks on the floor. I have to guide the latch into...
  3. Fifth seat / third passenger in rear / death trap seat in far back

    Can three people sit in the back seat (with seatbelts)?