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ball joint

  1. Hatch strut ball stud loose - body access or other ideas?

    Problems & Issues
    I need help and/or advice on how to tighten a loose hatch strut ball stud (repeated pushing up on the gate since the OEM struts are so weak - now replaced). I am unable to tighten it properly since the anchor resides within the rear body panel itself. There is no access through the light...
  2. ball joint frustration

    Problems & Issues
    sooo... my drivers side ball joint needs to be replaced. and as im sure most of you know, honda doesn't sell just the joint. So mechanic orders aftermarket joint. falls right in, too small. they figure maybe its defective or boxed wrong. get a replacement, same thing. order a different mfg, same...
  3. Ball Joint boot question

    Maintenance and Service
    So I see there is a special tool for pushing the boots back on, so what do you guys really use to get them back on? Also I'm assuming lithium grease is fine to use, but I'm open to suggestions. As soon as my parts get here from Majestic I have a lot of suspension work to do and just getting...
  4. Bushings & Ball Joints

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I have a 2004 Honda Element. I am planning on driving from NY to FL, round trip for the holidays, so got a diagnositic on front end as it squeaks when driving over rough roads, especially in the mornings. Vehicle drives and steers fine, just is a bit noisy, overall whirring noise from front end...
  5. Control arm compliance bushing

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I have seen a lot of posts about the element control arm bushings...
  6. Steering Knuckle / Lower Ball Joint Issues

    Problems & Issues
    Aloha Folks, Just a bit of backstory first. Last week, I had my Element in at the dealer for it's routine service interval last week (oil change, inspections, tire rotation, etc.) and asked to have the technician check out the CV boot since I had noticed a few specks of grease on the inside of...