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  1. Bull Bar install!?!? Sorta maybe..

    Hey gang, I just picked up one of those stainless steel bull bumpers from truck gear direct off Ebay. The bar itself is nice but the brackets and instructions that came with it are not so good. Has anybody installed one of these and have any suggestions? There are four bracket pieces as opposed...
  2. Lubing the sway bar bushings?

    Problems & Issues
    Okay, I'm sorry if it's wrong to start a new post, but I feel that I'm leaving my original post about changing my struts. That's been done, but I still have the creaking noise. I read through many posts and stumbled upon one mentioning a similar creaking sound when starting from a dead stop...
  3. Black bar underneath gas tank?

    If you look underneath your Element you notice a black bar hanging from underneath the body. The bar protrudes out from the undercarriage and is more noticeable on the drivers side. I looked at it and it seems to serve no purpose. Anyone know what it is for and does it really need to be there? :?: