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  1. 2011 Element Stereo Upgrade for $500-$1000

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello Owners, I own a 2011 EX that I use for commuting and camping. I have an affinity for both loud, bass-heavy electronic music, as well as many other genres requiring less punch. I also watch movies on my laptop when car/bike camping and hook the audio to the aux input. My knowledge of...
  2. Marc's Ultimate Subwoofer Mod (with pics)

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I would like to share this mod I did, because I like many, wanted more out of my sound system after I purchased my Element. I started off reading through these forums, looking for what others had done and found "Mike's Mod". I loved the idea, as it would require no real additional space, but...
  3. FS: Kicker CVT65 Subwoofer $100

    Trading Post
    I have a Kicker CVT65 Subwoofer in a OEM Honda Element Enclosure. I had big plans for this sub, but just never ended up following up with it, lol. I guess you can say I had the bug, then it went away - so its been sitting here since. It's already to go too! you can follow the link below and...
  4. OEM Subwoofer Cover

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently purchased the oem subwoofer online. However it didn't include the grille. Do you know where i could find one? I was unable to locate it at Majestic. I have an 2005 LX, with black interior. This is like what I purchased...