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battery light

  1. Battery Light after replacing Battery and Alternator.

    Problems & Issues
    TL;DR version: My battery light is still coming on despite replacing the battery and alternator. Help? Two weeks ago, the battery light on my 2005 Element came on. I had it tested at my local Autozone and they deemed that the alternator was going on it. Foolishly, I drove it to work the next...
  2. Power Steering went out

    Problems & Issues
    I pulled in to a parking lot yesterday and as I approached the parking space, my battery light came on and the power steering stopped working. I pulled forward, reversed back, pulled forward, reversed back, and then pulled forward again. At the last pull forward, the car physically shook and...
  3. Knock Sensor, Battery Light and Starter problems WTF!!!!!!!!

    Problems & Issues
    So I have a 2006 Element awd automatic. The car was really sluggishwhen starting,it was barely turning over, seemed like battery was shot. I took it to a mechanic, he tells me the starter is bad. So I get estimates from Dealer $900 and a local reputable mechanic,$600. Im too cheap and I end...