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  1. FS: Jackery 240 Portable Power Station

    Trading Post
  2. Flashing D related to loose battery connection?

    Problems & Issues
    For the last 6 months the D for Drive flashes periodically. I've read up on the other threads related to this but my questions is this. Is it possible that they blinking D could be related to a loose connection of the battery? I noticed that one of the contacts was loose and now that I've...
  3. Insane overnight car battery drain

    Problems & Issues
    This has been frustrating me so much i've made an account here to ask for help. I have a 2004 Element EX with only around 151k miles on it. I live where winters get pretty cold, so I feel the cold temperatures might be contributing to my battery drain. For the past 2 weeks or so my Element has...
  4. dome light/back door doesn't close all the way

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 Element and my driver's side passenger door won't close all the way. I spoke with a body shop and they can replace the parts that need to be fixed so the door can close properly. It closes but not enough for the dash light to go out. I have turned my dome light off but are there...
  5. Battery Light after replacing Battery and Alternator.

    Problems & Issues
    TL;DR version: My battery light is still coming on despite replacing the battery and alternator. Help? Two weeks ago, the battery light on my 2005 Element came on. I had it tested at my local Autozone and they deemed that the alternator was going on it. Foolishly, I drove it to work the next...
  6. Battery issue??

    Problems & Issues
    I have become very frustrated with a battery issue...and I am not even sure that is what it is. I have a 2006 Element that I bought used in 2013. Very well taken care of - no issues. I haven't had to do many repairs over the [ast few years. About a year and a half ago I was having problems...
  7. New battery but continues to need jumps

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I bought a 2010 4WD EX in January with about 88,000 miles. Took it in for an inspection and everything checked out aside from needing a new battery. The old battery was wasn't bad but dealership offered to replace with a brand new one. I park it in a covered but open parking garage and...
  8. Confusing Battery Light Issues

    Maintenance and Service
    So two nights ago my battery light came on and flickered intermittently and then went away. The next morning the car started fine and the battery light came on after about ten minutes of driving. I had the battery checked and it said it needed a charge. That afternoon I stopped by a different...
  9. Battery Size Guide 51R < 56 < 47 < 35 < 34R < 24F < Other

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I wanted to share my accumulated knowledge after many(!) hours of research including reading every battery thread on the forums. The stock 51R is woefully underpowered for the Element, particularly with cold weather and/or any kind of electrical mod or add-on. Judging from the numerous...
  10. Rough start

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 Honda Element (AWD) with 179K miles. Here is my problem: I turn the key to start and I get the symptoms of an almost dead battery. It cranks very slow and does not want to start. I let off the key and try again. After trying the second time it starts right up. The battery is only 2...
  11. ELD issue? Need help asap

    Problems & Issues
    My wives car has been having issues. It has had a battery, new starter, and 3 new alternators in the past 4 months. The mechanic is at a loss and keeps sending me to the dealer. Here is what is happening. And only every now and then. When it is warm outside and the accessories are being...
  12. Battery Issues with 2008 Element

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2008 Honda Element. I've been having issues with the battery over the past year and a half. If I drive the car every day or every other day it works great. If it sits in the garage for more than a day or two forget about it -- completely dead. Then I jump it and it's completely fine...
  13. New E owner, minor under the hood problems

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Ok guys so i recently purchased my E 2006 2wd-lx!!! for 6000$ I took it to a certified Honda dealer/service center and they gave it a full inspection and told me everything i need to get parts wise and have to do to it, they estimated a total of 2255$ would cover everything, that din't get me so...
  14. Power Loss - Not As Simple As A Dead Battery

    Problems & Issues
    This has happened before to me and happened again last night where I go to start my Element and nothing. No lights, no noises, completely dead no power from the battery. I know this because I have to reset my radio clock when it happens. The strange part is when I connect the jumper leads to...
  15. Dead E with new battery

    Problems & Issues
    E has been sluggish to start several times over the last month. My battery guy kept saying it's because of the stereo amp I have with his battery. Of course, I've had that system in there for years with a single battery (not his) that worked well. He recommended charging the battery and then...
  16. Voltage Gauge

    Mobile Electronics
    So I was wondering if it is possible to put a voltage gauge on the Honda Element. I was wondering how I would go about hooking it up and where would a good place to purchase it. I am not looking to spend a lot of money hopefully less than $50. Thanks.
  17. Electrical Nightmare

    Problems & Issues
    Hey members, I'm dealing with an electrical issue right now. Battery is good, less than 6 months old, alternator is good, both tested. However, battery light keeps coming on, and it seems as though the battery is getting drained. My mechanic tightened all the wiring connections, light went out...
  18. Parasitic drain.. I have an answer

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello, I am new here...and after looking through the site seeking an answer and not finding it...I thought I would share what I discovered to fix My problem. 2007 Element...I had troubles with the battery draining in about 2 days. It is a fleet vehicle and all stock...160k miles I had...
  19. Battery upgrade

    Problems & Issues
    I read a bunch of the older posts on battery upgrades. I want a bigger battery than the OEM battery so I can run an upgraded stereo and amp. Audiophyle suggested the Duralast 24. Others recommend the Optima Yellow top. Old posts suggest all manner of things ranging from obscure/expensive...
  20. aftermarket amplifier and alternator problems.

    Problems & Issues
    A Honda certified mechanic just replaced my alternator and told me I should get a new battery. A few weeks prior, I was listening to my aftermarket stereo and killed my battery, jumpstarted it, and got it home. a week or so after that, my car wouldn't start. I jumped it off another battery and...