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  1. Screeching/metallic whine issues. Help?

    Problems & Issues
    I recently bought a used 2006 Honda Element. Good price, interior chewed all to hell by a wolverine or whatever the previous owner had, but nothing seat covers can't fix. 160K miles. Manual trans. When I start the car there is a whine that seems to come from the right side (passenger) of...
  2. Rear Knuckle Removal Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, due to a stripped out lug bolt hole on the right rear hub, I am 'attempting' to remove the knuckle, so I can have the old hub pressed out. Then I will replace the bearing and the hub and put the sucker back together. I have 1 bolt left to remove the knuckle, the bottom bolt that has the...
  3. hissing sound when speeding in corner

    Problems & Issues
    Hey E-owners, my 2003 AWD E produces a hissing sound (shh, shh, shh,shh etc) when going with a certain speed through a bend (rather sharp) in the road. Slow driving does not produce this, it is the combination fast + bend. Could there be a problem with the bearings of (one of) the weels? Or...
  4. Whirling noise... tire whine?

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 Honda Element 4WD. As I accelerate or decelerate between about 15 mph and 45 mph, I hear a distinct whirling noise that is clearly in rhythm with the rotation of the tires--as they rotate faster, the noise "winds up" faster. I have Yokohama Geolanders, and from what I have read...