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  1. Problems & Issues
    Got in my vehicle today, started the vehicle, and turned on the blower but nothing happened. I fiddled with the settings a bit and all lights worked (Max A/C) and stuff, but zero airflow. I left the air on and about 10 seconds later it starts blowing all on its own. I was able to replicate one...
  2. H-and-A Accessories
    Hello! I've purchased from H&A many times over the years and have always loved the prices and the service...and the fact that we can now pick up items locally instead of shipping is just icing on the cake! Does H&A also sell Honda PARTS online or direct through the dealership, or is it for...
  3. Problems & Issues
    It has quit blowing air inside when stopped. Not sure if i checked the right fuses. Anyone know what to do to fix it?