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  1. OEM radio 2003 EX and Parrott Bluetooth

    Does anyone want an OEM radio for 2003 for EX and Parrott Bluetooth
  2. I Wanna Upgrade To Bluetooth But Honda Hands Free Discontinued

    08E00-E10-100 So I called a few places and they said this part has been discontinued. I'm not sure if you all would recommend something similar? Preferably something that integrates with the car's existing stereo system and doesn't look tacky. I liked the OEM product because of how it fits...
  3. Clearing Check Engine Light with Torque Pro and Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all - Bought an E a few months ago. Found a 2003 DX with low k's and have been loving it for my little surf and ski gear pod. Check engine light came on recently. I ordered a Veepeak bluetooth OBD2 scanner from Amazon. I downloaded Torque Pro for my phone and scanned the codes. Came up with...
  4. How to Use Factory Bluetooth

    Problems & Issues
    We just purchased a 2009 EX 4WD. Super sweet ride. It supposedly has the bluetooth hands-free add on, but we cannot figure out how to use it. Any advice or instructions on this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Stereo options in 2014?

    Mobile Electronics
    I've searched the archives for a clear answer, but most of the stereo swaps (with the features we're seeking) are at least a few years old now, and more often than not, the user reviews on that big Brazilian website point to reliability issues. So. Our ideal system would be a double-DIM with...
  6. DIY - Phone Mount dashboard for cell phone running Torque - Under $15 Image Heavy

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    So I was on ebay last week and they had a daily deal for a bluetooth obd2 sensor and I thought I got an old phone with no service maybe I can mount it on the dashboard and then just leave the app running so I can monitor my mpg and and other gauages the obd2 tells me. So I went to my dads and...
  7. Anyone Have Parrot CK3000.

    Mobile Electronics
    Has anybody thought of installing a Parrot CK3000? I'm not sure where to find the correct harness for installing it correctly to the back of my stock deck.