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  1. Exterior
    Is there anywhere to buy body panels to replace the plastic cladding on an 04 Element? I want to replace the cladding with a metallic body panel rather than plastic. I know using plasti dip may bring me close to a metallic color to match the other body panels if I sand the texture away, but id...
  2. Image Gallery This is something I have done myself. I did this mod last weekend to my Mazda MX6. VERY SIMIPLE and really looks good. I bet this would look good on some of the tuner elements out there.
  3. Exterior
    Ok. I've searched and searched for a body kit or even a ground effects kits for the E... but all in vain. The pictures are of my brother's 89 E30 BMW. He bought it for a mere 400 USD and have fixed it up to purr like a champ. Notice the front lip and the side skirts he installed and brush...
1-3 of 3 Results