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  1. Steering wheel radio Controls NOT working

    Mobile Electronics
    So my 2006 Element was broken into and my aftermarket radio was stolen (wasn't even an expensive radio). The body shop put in a stock OEM radio which is fine by me BUT the steering wheel controls are not working. I never adapted the aftermarket radio to work with the steering wheel controls so I...
  2. Broken motor mount busted off housing

    Problems & Issues
    Hey, So I bought my E and later found out it had been in an accident so i'm slowly discovering a lot of different things that were not fixed. Just discovered I had two broken motor mounts, one on the top drivers side and one on the bottom in the front. When i pulled out the one in the bottom...
  3. Back left seat won't latch properly

    Problems & Issues
    For Info: 2007 EX Sorry if this has been posted, however I searched and can't find anything. My back left seat will not latch properly to the floor. The problem is that the mechanism itself is overextended and does not align properly with the hooks on the floor. I have to guide the latch into...
  4. My E saved my life.

    Problems & Issues
    Sadly, just a few nights ago, I was in an accident in my Element. the damage was pretty severe- although the pictures don't show it too well, I lost my front wheels, and almost the front axle. I was unconscious during it all (no I wasn't drunk... I spontaneously lost consciousness), so I have to...
  5. Part Number for Rear Interior Lamp & Housing

    Hello! I have looked everywhere on line for the part number and/or place to order a replacement rear interior lamp housing unit for a 2007 Honda Element EX. Specifically, it is the interior light in the rear where the cargo area is (see picture). When I bought it, the switch was already missing...
  6. Broken Armrest Storage Compartment - Help

    Good Afternoon! I've been reading this forum for years, but this is the first time I've made a post. I just purchased my second Element, an 07 EX. Recently the drivers side armrest / deluxe storage compartment on my E broke off entirely from the seat. After some investigation I discovered...
  7. Whole Rear Wiper Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm selling my Element (moving to the other side of the world), so I'm fixing up a few things. I had my bike mounted on the back of my Element and when my mom accidentally turned on the rear wiper, it got stuck on the bike and the motor ran for several hours. Now I need to replace the rear...
  8. Alarm Malfunction

    Problems & Issues
    Has anybody else had issues with the alarm system? This is the second time my system has suddenly stopped arming. The first time luckily I had an extended warrenty and the dealer replaced it. All of a sudden when I use my remote to lock and arm the system it will only lock. I can't set it off at...
  9. Clutch problems

    Maintenance and Service
    hi guys its great to find this forum. The car is a Honda Element '05 manual 5 speed. 88k on the odometer. All standard maintenance performed and never touched clutch,etc. clutch fluid level is ok. Today when i got into the car i could not go into gear once it was started(fine when its off). i...
  10. Window regulator problems / replacement

    Problems & Issues
    Do any of you have the install instructions to replace the power window regulator for the driver’s side of a 03' EX? I would greatly appreciate it... Thanks, Blair
  11. odometer is out

    Problems & Issues
    Has anyone had this happen yet? The odemeter is completely blank, but all the other guages and lights work o.k. I looked in the manual and don't see a fuse for the odometer. I need to track my mileage for work so this is a major headache. Anyone?
  12. OEM fog lights, replacement parts

    I have only had my Honda Element for less than a month and one of my fog light lenses is already cracked in 6 places! I called the dealer to find out about replacing it and they told me they don't sell just the lenses. They said I'd have to buy another whole set of fog lights (for...