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  1. License Plate Light troubles

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster! Thanks in advance, I have found so many helpful bits of info on here, and I even thought I had found the answers to my problems...but here is where i find myself. :?:? I have a 2007 EX AWD and the right license plate lamp bulbs was burned out... A...
  2. Bulbs and switches going out

    Problems & Issues
    My '06 Element seems to be hitting the wall on some interior lighting issues, the map light bulbs just both went out within days of each other, and a few weeks back the switches in both the overhead light and the cargo area just locked up I can do the repair on the map light bulbs but need doe...
  3. question about bulbs, leds, and all that jazz

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    as an european owner of an E2003 AWD there are some minor disadvantages living here with a car from there (or vice versa). Now one of my headlights is gone, and I have to replace it. Only this type of bulb is nowhere to be found in europe, has to be imported from the USA which takes time and...
  4. 134,305 and a light burns out...POS!! :^)

    Problems & Issues
    Oddly the first bulbs to go were the odo lights, so I couldn't even tell how far I got before they went out. So that's what I had when I got to Autozone and bought two 2127LL's and replaced them. Its my own fault. When people would ask how I like it I'd tell them I have over 130k miles and 6...
  5. 2005 Headlamps burning out

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, Anyone had an issue with headlamp buring out faster than usual? I replaced both bulbs 7 months ago when one lamp blew. Then I replaced one 6 weeks ago (with the old spare I kept) and today the other newer bulb blew. I bought the Sylvania halogen bulbs before and have used them for...
  6. The Definitive Instrument Bulb Cross Reference

    Problems & Issues
    Here I will attempt to document and illustrate the bulbs that I believe are the after market replacements for the eight different bulb part numbers present in the instruments of the 2003-2006 Element. I'm sure some are also applicable to other years, so I'll give the Honda P/N's as well...
  7. odometer is out

    Problems & Issues
    Has anyone had this happen yet? The odemeter is completely blank, but all the other guages and lights work o.k. I looked in the manual and don't see a fuse for the odometer. I need to track my mileage for work so this is a major headache. Anyone?
  8. AT shift indicator (at shift lever, not on dash): Panel removal and bulb replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    When I am driving, the steering wheel block the view of my guages slightly. I find myself looking over to the shifter to determine the current gear, but the lights on the shifter do not indicate this very well (none of the gear numbers/letters appear brighter or darker where the shifter is...