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  1. Rattle/Vibration in Rear Interior Trim

    Problems & Issues
    When I'm stopped and the car is in gear, after some time the resonance from the motor builds up in the cabin and something begins to make a loud buzzing, rattling, vibrating noise until the resonance is purged and the process begins again. I'm fairly certain this is NOT sway bar links. The...
  2. Electrical Buzzing sound from dash - No other issues yet??

    Problems & Issues
    Hey, I've recorded a video documenting the sound that is happening. It started off as a solid buzzing sound only when i first started the car, but now its evolved into a strange on/off sequence buzz and I have no idea where its coming from, the sound persists for a few minutes after the key has...
  3. Tachometer whine

    Problems & Issues
    Just recently got a 2005 Element. Read what I could find on here, but could not find answers. There is a whine comimg from the tach. The sound is effected by engine rpm. Radio off, car sitting still, not coming from speakers. Is it just old? Something to live with? It seems worse when it's cold...
  4. Ignition problem & buzz sound

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, this is my first post, great site here!! My 03 E does not start on the first try, sometimes 200 tries later it works. I turn the key to start and hear a buzzing noise from around the steering wheel area. It does it every time I turn the key to III. I'll get a BZZ..BZZ...BZZ until...
  5. Dome Light Buzzzzzz

    Problems & Issues
    I noticed about a month ago that when I get into my E and the dome light comes on there is a very low buzz that comes from the light. As soon as it goes off the buzzing stops. It dosn't really bother me because it is not on when I am driving, but I am just curious if anyone knows what might be...