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  1. Trading Post
    Hey! I recently discovered my love for Honda Elements, I drove one the other day and knew right away this IS the car for me. I live in Sacramento, CA so close to the ocean and the mountains, I'm looking for a fun vehicle for road trips and camping. I don't have a preference of color, I'm...
  2. Trading Post
    I am hunting for a solid E to replace our classic green 04 E. Love it. Sadly its time has come. Should anyone know of one within reasonable distances from San Jose California - let me know. here's to family camping and road trip adventures !!
  3. Trading Post
    So hard to part ways with my Element. Original owner, purchased off the lot in 2004. If I knew how to maintain it, I would keep it forever. However, I hope there is someone out there who wants to enjoy it and has the skills that I lack to make it last forever. Currently, it runs great! Starting...
  4. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello everyone, long time EOC lurker and first time poster here :-) About a year ago I traded in my featureless 2004 DX for a 2008 EX via Carmax. The main reason being that my wife and I just had our first child and wanted better safety features, sunroof and cruise control. I am a action...
  5. Trading Post
    This car was well maintained and taken car of due to it being my primary commute car, we replaced anything that was broken immediately! ** We have all paperwork from dealerships/repair shops, etc. *Excellent commuter vehicle! Mileage Current: 242k Miles. *We purchased the car when it had 185K...
  6. NorCal Owners
    October 10, '09 - meet details What: NorCal EOC Meet, Mod and Pot Luck Picnic When: Saturday, October 10, 2009 Time: Noon Where: Mulford Point - San Leandro Marina, San Leandro, CA How to (get there): From SF/North Bay: -Take Int-80 EAST -Take Int-880 SOUTH -Exit Marina Blvd WEST (2 exits...
1-6 of 6 Results