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  1. General Honda Element Discussion
    Hi, I’m new to the club, I’ve a 2008 element that was in Massachusetts and has some general rust. Am now in seattle area. The catalytic converter was stolen. Some of the bolts rusted, we didn’t drive it for 4 weeks, and this got interior mildew( not bad, can clean). As it sat…. The...
  2. Trading Post
    2004 Element EX AWD, Manual transmission. Has 256k miles on the body. Around 160k on engine. Strong engine, drives well, good condition. Asking $3400 For quick sale. Cash only Has a really great carpeted hinge folding bed set up in the back in place of the seats. Aftermarket head unit and four...
  3. General Honda Element Discussion
    Hi there, been doing some digging but hoping someone has info and links to any style of tent that fits the rear of the Honda Element (mine is a 2010). Hoping that someone has tried one of the less expensive generic ones on Amazon? I have seen the OEM that fits the Honda Pilot ($260) but hoping...
  4. 20200306_220031.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 1 lifted,overland,overlander,honda,element,hi,high,top,awd,4,wheel,drive
  5. 20200308_174341.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top 2
  6. 20200308_184213.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 4
  7. 20200309_153353.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 5
  8. 20200310_085355.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 6
  9. IMAG2343.jpg

    Lifted Overland Honda Element High Top camper 9
  10. Trailers, Campers and Teardrops… oh my!
    I have a line on a lightly used Taxa Tiger Moth camper. The specs seem to be acceptable for the towing capacity of my Element on paper, but I'm wondering if it may be the death of my older car. Should I be aiming for less or live the dream? Is anyone towing this badass camper who can share...
  11. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey Guys I built a camper out of my 03 AWD Element. Check out my walk around video here: Project cost $5k total including a “new” transmission and the car itself.
  12. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Greetings, friends! I have recently acquired a 1977 13" Scamp and am now thinking about tow packages. I know that trailer brakes are definitely recommended, and lots of folks here have talked about towing small-ish loads with brakes. But I would like to know.... Are there people here with...
  13. Trading Post
    My partner and I are looking for a 4WD Automatic Element with an Ursa MinorECamper. He and I both enjoy camping and would love the convenience of this set up. Our good friends have one and we would love one of our own. Appreciate any help! Residing in CA but willing to travel for the right fit.
  14. Image Gallery
    Finished my window coverings today. I used 1 25’ roll of reflectix from HD with nylon material spray glued on both sides. I chose grey for the interior side and black for the outer. I don’t like the way you can see the reflectix when it’s pressed Up against the window so I spray painted it flat...
  15. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey everyone! I decided to tackle the infamous sleeper platform build. I borrowed from so many builds on this forum. Thank you to everyone who took the time to post clear and informative photos and detailed materials lists. I’m 6Ft so length of the platform and head room were my two biggest...
  16. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    We wanted a platform to use on trips and I designed an interlocking box system but MRS MT BIKE found the platform that hotkarl put together and liked the simplicity so we went for that. The main barrier to entry for hotkarl’s system is the fabricated brackets, which have to be fairly accurate...
  17. Trading Post
    This is a custom made bed platform for Honda Element (all year) that can accommodate 2 people comfortably. They are made out of solid Douglas Fir. They were sealed and finished with clear Polyurethane. They are 6 boxes all together that can be broken down so that you can put them in the back and...
  18. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I want to build a pop-top camper on the top of my '05 element. I do not want to spend the $3000 or an ecamper and also want to cut a larger hole in the roof in order to stand up in it. Since the chop and a pop-top is done with vans, I am hoping it can be done with an element. Along with...
1-19 of 44 Results