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  1. WTB: Rubber cargo mat/tray for 2009 Honda Element EX

    Trading Post
    Looking for the OEM rear cargo rubber mat/tray for a 2009 Honda Element EX. Thanks so much!
  2. Floor Dimensions Help - Platform Build

    Sorry If this has been answered numerous times but I can't seem to find the exact info I need. I bought an 05 EX AWD this summer and my father, who lives 800 miles away, wants to build me a modular platform like this one () but I need to send him some exact measurements of the floor and cargo...
  3. Textured Cargo Tray Help

    Hey all - I have a 2003 Element and it currently does not have a tray for the cargo area. My parents have a 2005 Element and it has a textured tray - it works really well for things not sliding around because of the texture. I have not had any luck finding a tray like theirs - the only ones I...
  4. Extra cargo! Box or bag? Roof or hitch?

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    I've got a 1.25" hitch installed already.mafter a bit of research, kinda wish it was the 2" when I bought it... I'm thinking about getting a box or a cargo tray with a tie down bag. I need to haul blown glass art, which is packaged well in foam bags (with or without a container) Since the...
  5. For Sale - Cargo Cover

    Trading Post
    Like new Cargo Cover $60. Fits inside the mounts in your trunk space and expands or retracts into the spool. Great condition and a must have for an element in my opinion. Great price - goes for $140 or more online. See links below for more info. I am in Leesville Louisiana and am not really...
  6. Dog Friendly Cargo area Mat by Elemat!

    Attached are pictures of my new Honda Element "Dog Friendly" cargo area mat! MUCH better than the Honda cargo mat- this covers the entire rear of the vehicle! What do you think??
  7. What do you think of the Honda Fit?

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    I love the Element for its ability to haul a lot of stuff. But... what are all of your thoughts on the Fit? How much can it haul? Maybe some loaded Fit pics are in order as well as loaded Element pics. I am thinking of buying a Fit and want to know how much crap I can put in it. Are there any...
  8. Subwoofer that doesnt take up tons of space?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi im looking for a sub that doesnt get in the way of moving my seats around or taking up my cargo space. Anyone know of one like this?
  9. Pet Barrier - Cargo Area

    I need to find a barrier that fits in the cargo area and can't seem to get a straight answer. The one I am looking at says it fits, 2004 Element, here is a link. Universal Vehicle Barrier 13N :All Vehicles Question - does this fit around the...
  10. Cargo & Backseat Mat?

    New Element owner here looking for something that will protect the cargo area and backseat area (basically everything behind the front seats). Ideally I'm looking for something fairly hard, kind of like the vinyl mat one might use to protect carpet from a rolling desk chair. I load stuff in...
  11. Where to get a small cargo bag to fit between Thule crossbars?

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Hi, I've got a dilemma...I bought a set of Thule feet and crossbars and now I want the capability to haul cargo up there, but I don't want to spend $400-$500 if I can avoid it. I bought a Thule Quest cargo bag from Target yesterday ($69) but it's about 12 inches longer than the span between the...