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  1. 2009 - Looking for OEM Carpets

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada. Looking for OEM Carpet matts for my 2009 W subwoofer. If anyone has leads let me know :-)
  2. Wavy Floors

    My floors in my E are so wavy and I'd like to replace them, if unsalvageable. I'm in the process of making my E like new again so I can stave off the compulsion to get a different vehicle due to the fact that I allowed mine to get a bit junky. I am against carpet, but what else do E Owners...
  3. Help finding part? Carpet Bracket

    Hello All. I'm trying to track down a source for the front carpet bracket(s) for my E. Part # 08P15-SCV-100R1 Discontinued, but there must be some out there! Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Carpet Question

    Hello! I've only had my E for two weeks and am very excited about it. I do want to put carpet in though. I've been scouring sites looking for the best option that doesn't look cheap or flimsy. There is an OEM front carpet piece that seems fine but I may want to find one that covers the whole...
  5. stop items rolling around in cargo area with one seat up

    I am the new owner of a 2010 Element Ex. I will be driving it with one seat almost always up. (My big Goldendoodle sits in the passenger side rear seat.) After a week of driving my new Element, I realize that I have to do something to make the rear area less slick. Things are rolling around...
  6. Elemmat for Mother's Day..

    Hey guys, new to the forum and a proud driver of my mom's 2004 Element. They actually adopted me (but I call them "Mom and "Dad) actually a month or so after they bought it so it is something that I have grown very attached to. In fact, this is the first car that I've driven on a public road...
  7. Anyone willing to show me their mats?

    SoCal Owners
    Considering buying the Complete Deluxe carpet set from South Coast Accessories. I'm in the Eagle Rock/Glendale area and would love to check out these mats in someone's Element. Anyone near who wouldn't mind showing them to me before I order them? I'm interested in the Deluxe set for front and...