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check engine light

  1. Engine knock followed by VSA, AWD, and Check Engine lights.

    Maintenance and Service
    I was driving today on a well maintained (no potholes or big bumps) road that I drive every day. The Limit is 55, and when i got up to around 40 MPH after accelerating conservatively as usual, when the tranny was about to shift to 4th there was a mild 'pop' and then the VSA light, the AWD...
  2. Check Engine Light with Loose Gas Cap

    Problems & Issues
    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with the 'Check Engine' light staying on even though the gas cap has been closed tightly, multiple times. How long did the 'Check Engine' light stay on after the gas cap was retightened? I am traveling in the morning and...
  3. P0325 CEL After installing SRI

    Problems & Issues
    So basically I've done a bit of a DIY somewhat ghetto intake recently, where I got a Spectre filter from AutoZone and fitted it over the stock rubber intake tube with a metal pipe inside of it to keep it sturdy and give me something to tighten down on. I know this doesn't give any performance...
  4. Instrument Gauge Lights Stay On After Removing Key And Locking

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone: The lights in the instrument gauges stay on even after I turn off the engine, remove the key, and lock the car. The dome light fades out (like it is supposed to), and the instrument gauge lights START to fade out, but then, before they go fully black, they jump back to full...
  5. Check Engine Light reset

    Problems & Issues
    My '07 Element needed the ring gear and pinion replaced (at 68K miles). When we got it back the check engine light was on and the speedometer does not work. Before I take it back to the mechanic does anyone know if the two are related? And, how do I reset the check engine light? Thanks.
  6. Throttle Body / Check Engine Light / TPS Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hey Guys (& Gals) I hate to add to the large lists of posts requesting help - but I need help haha. To start, I'm not cheaping out - I've had my E at numerous mechanics numerous times and still no fix / answers. So I'm hoping someone out there has some ideas. I have a 2006 Element EXP AWD...
  7. Bad Ignition Coils, Misfire, Check Engine Light

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 element with about 90K miles. About a month ago the engine light came on during my daily commute (highway speeds) and the car shuddered and seems to jerk if I got up to around 55 mph or so. I limped back home and my local mechanic diagnosed it as a bad cam regulator solenoid (I...
  8. Evaporative Canister Questions

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Recently the check engine icon appeared on my ’04 EX w/ manual transmission. At 1st I was hoping it was just an improperly tightened or bad gas cap. Now it seems more likely it’s the evaporative canister because I insist on filling my tank beyond the normal pump turn off & have read that isn’t a...
  9. Certified Honda Warranty

    Ask The Dealer
    I just got off the phone with the service department and my Element (99K miles) has a VTEC Valve failure. According to the computer it is not covered by the 100,00 mile warranty. That makes no sense to me because that is a powertrain part. Could somebody explain this to me? Thanks.