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  1. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I just purchased a used 05 Element, which has only the valet key. I've seen push-button key fobs on Amazon, which they claim can be DIY programmed. I asked my dealer for the code and I thought they were reaching for hand cuffs. Any suggestions how to get my car's key code to DIY my own...
  2. Ask The Dealer
    Hey all! First time poster! I recently bought Switchblade Keyless Entry/Key off ebay and want to verify that it'll work in my 2007 Honda Element EX before I go down to the dealership or a locksmith. The transmitter freq, OUCG8D-344H-A, is the same as my Element, however the switchblade key...
  3. Under The Hood / Performance
    i owned a bmw m3 and had it chipped and intake added it helpled a lot. can anyone direct me to some good engine mods..... and anyone in phoenix area know a good honda mechanic
  4. Exterior
    Has anyone had to have their hood repainted? I bought my E used and it has a few botched touchups on the hood along with a spot where the clear is cracked? I was just wondering your experience as to how much it cost and how well a complete hood repaint will blend with the factory paint?
  5. Under The Hood / Performance
    Many performance chips are being sold that suposedly match the Element on ebay: does anyone have any experience with these? any comments would be appretiated.
1-5 of 5 Results