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  1. Trading Post
    Hello Club! I've been attempting to switch out all the Cladding on my '06 EX to OEM Textured Black Plastic. I've been successful finding 3 decent fenders and a tail gate so far, but I'm really having a tough time finding a Bumper.....I've been to many many "you pull" yards, but haven't had...
    $1 CAD
  2. Exterior
    Is there anywhere to buy body panels to replace the plastic cladding on an 04 Element? I want to replace the cladding with a metallic body panel rather than plastic. I know using plasti dip may bring me close to a metallic color to match the other body panels if I sand the texture away, but id...
  3. Problems & Issues
    Just bought a 2010 after a 6 year gap in element ownership (previously had a 2005). The only flaw it has is that it looks like someone must have mistook the cladding under the passenger door as something to use as a step. The cladding was loose, which I have fixed temporarily but it is missing a...
  4. Exterior
    Hello Element Owners, I went ahead plasti dipped my plastic cladding. I did not like the look of the light grey on the orange Element. So here are some pictures. Sorry for the low quality it was done with a phone.
  5. Trading Post
    Hi Guys! I'm looking for an 07' Right rear quarter/fender cladding panel in Galaxy Grey. Anyone happen to have a line on one? Im located in NEPA but shouldn't be a problem to ship. Thanks!
  6. Exterior
    I'd like to replace my right rear *black* plastic cladding on my Tango Red Pearl 2007 4WD AT Element. All I've seen on the web so far are 74410-SCV-A00ZB CLADDING, R. RR. *NH533* BUMPER DARK GRAY and 74410-SCV-A10ZA CLADDING, R. RR. *NH647M* BP WARM GRAY METALLIC Can anyone tell me the...
  7. Exterior
    I just got my e last Sunday, Its and 04 EX 4WD MT and I originally wanted an SC because I didn't like the panels, They are starting to grow on me though. I wanted to try however painting the roof cladding because I think it makes the roof line look lower and sleeker. I got the drivers side done...
1-7 of 7 Results