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  1. Location of Air Entry into Cabin

    Problems & Issues
    May I humbly ask where outside air enters the cabin? I want to spray Ozium into the intake to clean as much of the vent ducts as possible.
  2. Best way to clean sand out...

    So I was driving on the sand beach in OBX and i got a lot of sand on my car And in the engine, whats the best way to clean that out. We ran it through a under carriage wash and washed it by hand(only the frame) so is the a way that gets thew sand out? Thanks
  3. Seat fabric: cleaning and repair

    I know I should read the manual but what the heck Ok I got a piece of chocolate rubbed into the drivers seat. So I rubbed it with a damp cloth, with water nothing else... Now I have a water stain and a faint chocolate stain. What shoudl I use to clean this seat properly?