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climate control

  1. Heater/AC Blower Won't Turn On

    Problems & Issues
    Got in my vehicle today, started the vehicle, and turned on the blower but nothing happened. I fiddled with the settings a bit and all lights worked (Max A/C) and stuff, but zero airflow. I left the air on and about 10 seconds later it starts blowing all on its own. I was able to replicate one...
  2. Weirdness in the electronics

    Problems & Issues
    Today when I turned on the climate control system blower, the in-car circulator and AC, and their indicator lights, both came on by themselves. I could not turn either one off as long as the blower was on. Shutting down didn't fix it. When I re-started, the problem remained. Any idea what's up...
  3. Top vent blow air while on feet only?

    So when I turn my climate control to blow on just my feet, my driver side far left (the round one) still blows air. The middle vents and passenger close like normal. Anyone know where the valve for that specific vent is? I feel like it is just stuck or not getting proper electrical signal. Any...