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  1. Knocks - Bushings or Struts

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Could someone give me a quick list of the bushings (both rear and front) that can cause clunking when they are worn? I am not sure if it is the struts or the bushings, but I might as well go the cheap route first.
  2. Clunk Noise RR Tire Area Going Over a Big Bump

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone, I'm new here, and super pumped about my new 06 Element EX FWD. I had the Right Lower Trailing Arm replaced and now when I go over a bump or pot hole that is anything bigger than a sewer grate I hear a clunk noise. It's only when driving over bigger stuff and coming from the right...
  3. Steering clunk

    Problems & Issues
    As we turn full left or full right we get a loud clunk just before the end of travel. Dealer used an"electronic noise locater" & says steering gear is going. $1400 repair. We had CV boots replaced yesterday and I had the mechaninc spin the steering wheel while the axles we disconnected. Clunk...
  4. Rear End - Tire clunk

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, all I have a 2003 EX, MT, 2WD Element with 148K miles on it. A couple weeks ago, my wife was driving the Element and heard a loud thud from the back end while she was driving onto the highway (gradual bend, up hill, on ramp). That's all she noticed and, unfortunately, I was not in the car...
  5. Rear end clunk noise SOLVED!

    Maintenance and Service
    First Post, thought i'd make it count. I'm a newb when it comes to Elements, but not to Honda's. I've owned about 7 or 8 over the last 10 years. I Picked up a 2006 Element EX with 90k on it in April 2011. First thing i noticed when i test drove it was a loud clunking from the rear when going...
  6. Control arm compliance bushing

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I have seen a lot of posts about the element control arm bushings...