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  1. Coil on Plug wires

    Problems & Issues
    Check engine light is on. Code is misfire 3 different cylinders and random misfire. I replaced plugs and no difference, cannot find a vacuum leak. Is there an easy way to check the coil on Plug wires without shocking yourself or damaging them by trying to arc the plug against the engine? I...
  2. Rear Struts Installation

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I know this has been covered on other threads, but I couldn't find it. I'm looking to replace my rear struts, but the thought of handling the spring compressor is kind of scary. Can anyone provide a link to where I can purchase a pre-assembled kit of the struts/shocks, so all I have to do is...
  3. Check engine light, running rough

    Maintenance and Service
    Hopefully someone out there can help me out. Two weeks ago my E began to start rough, but it would smooth out almost immediately, so I thought it was due to the cold weather. Over the course of a week it got a little worse, with the roughness lasting a little longer. The check engine light...