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  1. AC Compressor (Again ?)

    Problems & Issues
    I think my brand new AC Compressor is dead at only 13 months, 1 month out of warranty. -Started getting musty cabin air today, but flow is fine, and no engine overheat. -Checked fans, both running. -Realized I can't hear compressor running any more. -Realized a couple squeaky belt noises this...
  2. I have a few issues/questions - looking for a knowledgable Element friend in NYC/NJ area.

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone! I bought an '09 Element a few years ago to do a cross-country road trip and fell in love with it. It's my daily driver and I've used it for countless adventures. Whenever I've had an issue or two I've come here looking for others with similar issues and resolutions. I've often come...
  3. AC Compressor does not engage

    Problems & Issues
    2005 w/Denso Compressor (10S17C) The AC Clutch Hub does not engage when the AC is turned on. With the car running, I hold a screwdriver near the Clutch hub - no magnetic attraction. I then turn on the AC, and hold a screwdriver near the Clutch hub - there is magnetic attraction. The...
  4. A/C compressor clutch disengages when hot outside

    Problems & Issues
    I see lots of threads but it seems everyone has a slightly different problem. In the morning, before it's too hot outside, my AC works fine. Freon pressure is good. Later in the day as I drive, the AC will go out. If I look under the hood, the clutch on the compressor is still. If it cools off...
  5. AC Rumble

    Problems & Issues
    Can hear a low rumble when the AC is on. It has been there for several years. I think it is the compressor bearing. Checked the cooling fan and it sounds good. 2003 E with 165k miles. Anyone else hear a rumble from the compressor? Bpete
  6. AC compressor replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    04,ex,'s a workhorse all fuses and relays are good. the condenser fan is running, the system is charged-no leaks. when swapping out the fan relay with the clutch relay, the clutch still does not engage. are there any DIY post on replacing the compressor and what else should i...
  7. I'm in A/C H$LL

    Problems & Issues
    I seriously don't know what to do anymore. This is what we've been dealing with the past month. Honda Element EX 2003 2WD/automatic making horrible squeal noise constantly. Sounds like a belt or something like that. Saturday, June 19th – Take in to car repair place. Look it over, not sure what...