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  1. Console/Cooler for seller on Ebay

    Hi folks, I'm an Ebay shopper and have permanent searches on Ebay (I recommend doing that for the items you think you will never find) I bought a console/cooler for my Element a few months back off of Ebay and paid about $50 plus a hefty shipping fee - but still cheap compared to other options...
  2. Center Console For Honda Element 2009 EX

    I am the new proud owner of a Honda Element 2009 EX model with Navigation. I have the lower part of this assembly but not the top part that is detachable. Is there a place where I can order ONLY the top part that is a cooler? I have the bottom part already that it snaps into. The price for...
  3. 09 EX owners: lost something between the seats? Here's a time-saver.

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    A few days ago, the missus took the E out to go run some errands. While she was driving, somehow her necklace came undone and the pendant on it slid right down between the driver's seat and the console/cooler. Several searches with a flashlight under the seat turned up no results, although I...
  4. Odd U-Haul Transmission Cooler Problem

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Well I have three very long road trips coming up this summer with my faithful box and will be towing a 4'X8' U-Haul rental trailer each time (or something nicer if I can find one on Craigslist). I'm shooting for about 1300-1450 pounds in tow. Here are my trips (all of which go through the...