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  1. E-Brake Cover Loose

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I've done some searching on this site but am not seeing any articles for a loose e-brake cover. When parked with the e-brake up the entire cover can be lifted up. It is fine when the brake is down. Mostly this is noticed when taking out a cup from the holder. I imagine I just need an...
  2. FS Cover King Seat Covcers - Front Only

    Trading Post
    Traded in my E and I have almost brand new cover king seat covers for the front seats only. (Driver and Passenger) Selling for 100$ + Shipping, for both will not split. The Colors are Black and Charcoal as seen in this amazon link: Please Note: The driver side is the only one with an armrest...
  3. For Sale - Cargo Cover

    Trading Post
    Like new Cargo Cover $60. Fits inside the mounts in your trunk space and expands or retracts into the spool. Great condition and a must have for an element in my opinion. Great price - goes for $140 or more online. See links below for more info. I am in Leesville Louisiana and am not really...
  4. OEM Subwoofer Cover

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently purchased the oem subwoofer online. However it didn't include the grille. Do you know where i could find one? I was unable to locate it at Majestic. I have an 2005 LX, with black interior. This is like what I purchased...
  5. SC Roof Rack Install

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Has anyone installed a roof rack on their SC by themselves? Got mine in the box at the dealer. The feet on the rack don't go down into the recesses far enough for the rubber seals to make contact with the roof. Looking at the H and A instructions, the rubber boots look identical. My part...
  6. Fuel door reinstall

    Maintenance and Service
    I was getting gas in NJ the other day (no self serve) and the attendant walked into the fuel door while it was open. It seemed to close OK, but the next time I went to put gas in (self serve), the fuel door fell off. There is a black "U" shaped asymetrical clip and the door itself. Since I...
  7. Front seat cover / upholstery : Honda and aftermarket, plus side-airbag compatibility

    Hi all, With the durability of the seats, has anyone gotten the optional seat covers, and if you did, why? My wife and I are thinking about them, but we don't know if they are worth it.