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  1. Trading Post
    Hey folks. I'm looking to sell custom neoprene seat covers, made exactly to fit the back seats of a Honda Element. I'd like $190 (that includes standard shipping for those in the states). I kept my seats folded up most of the time so the covers are like brand new. They are all black and easy to...
  2. Trading Post
    I bought these on eBay years ago. They are aftermarket seat covers that cover most of the front seats, allowing for access to the rear storage areas on the seats. They were made specifically for the Element. They are a dark charcoal gray in color and are like a velour type material...
  3. Interior
    Has anyone used their covers or heard anything about them, At $200 for velour front covers, seems like a decent middle of the road option for the ragged seat issue. Problem is, i can't find any reviews at all. Any info?
  4. Trading Post
    Looking to buy some Ursa minor rear seat slot covers. Prefer gray but would take black. PM me if you are selling. Thanks.
  5. Interior
    ok, this was a total bitch to install. I dont think there is a single muscle/bone in my fingers/hands that dont hurt right now! The pictures make them look grey, but they are jet black. There are more pictures in my albums. tomorrw i have to restretch to get the remaining few wrinkles out...
  6. Interior
    I had bought another set of vent rings and the trim that goes around the speedometer and painted them red. While I was gone one day, the little lady thought it'd be nice to switch the red on instead of the grey. Well, I wasn't there to supervise... but aside from the couple of gouges in my dash...
1-6 of 6 Results