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  1. 04 Honda Element EX 230,000 miles. Several months of unsolved misfiring issues and now the car will crank but won't start.

    Problems & Issues
    Update: the cranking and not starting was caused by the spark plugs being fuel soaked. The new mechanic was able to fix that issue and it started running fine. As for the misfiring issue, it's a little too complicated for me to explain but I'll Attach the write up from the mechanic. Long...
  2. New Battery, Won't Start. Solenoid or Starter Problem?

    Problems & Issues
    Help! I'm supposed to drive up to Yosemite for vacation on Friday, and now my 2005 EX won't start. Help! Synopsis: After not driving the car for 2 weeks, I tried to start it and the engine *barely* turned over. Dash & interior lights and the radio all worked, however. I tried jump starting it...
  3. Intermittent Cranking Issues

    Problems & Issues
    I just purchased a 2007 Element .... I am having intermittent cranking issues... it will sound like it is going to crank, and then it doesnt', it is firing, but not starting. It does start, but sometimes it can take quite a few tries. I've taken it in and they said the battery and starter...